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Launched in February 2020, Rise + Roam opened  just as the world was closing down. After 30 months of growing our bakery, we decided it was time to reopen the dining room.

Inspiration was ignited by our diverse backgrounds. A team of Asian-American and Latin-American partners took our favorite foods from our grandmothers' kitchens and found the marriage of flavors as soulful as the inspirations, but fresh and new. A true celebration of California's melting pot?

And thus we began to ROAM.

Screen Shot 2022-10-05 at 9.51.42 PM.png

ROAM is a mash-up of the culinary and cultural influence that represent the melting pot that is California.  

Folktale Group founders, Greg and Madigan Ahn, grew up in Los Angeles surrounded by the diverse flavors and cultures that inspired Roam. Adding kimchi to our tacos, or Tapatio hot sauce to our dim sum, was innovation led by the convenience of what was in our refrigerators. The mash-up of flavors happened in our homes, during pre-shift family meals in restaurants, and eventually onto restaurant menus.

With a talented and collaborative team, we are extremely excited to share our flavorful and fun ideas of comfort food. Adding to Folktale Winery, Seventh & Dolores, and Rise Bakery, Roam Restaurant is our most personal concept.

We hope you enjoy.


Chef Gabby is not your typical chef. With nearly 30 years of culinary success on the Monterey Peninsula, few are as collaborative, full of energy, dedicated, and joyful. His Oaxacan roots, passion for excellence, and infectious smile are on full display as Executive Chef of ROAM. 


After years helping to build several modern Asian restaurants in Arizona, Sous Chef Jacob Marozzi was exactly what we were

                     looking for in Roam's

                        kitchen. His joy and 

                          energy are a perfect

                          fit with Chef Gabby, 

                           and he brings some

                            seriously tasty 




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